We made stuff out of cardboard and I made a basketball hoop. I learned that you can make a lot of things out of cardboard.

I made a basketball hoop. And this how I made it first I got a box then I cut off the flaps. I left one so I could make the basketball hoop. Then I cut outĀ  a circle for the hoop I taped it on the flapĀ  left. Then I made a backboard. I taped those two on. Then I painted the cardboard. I made the basketballs out of paper and I taped those to. And that is how I made a basketball hoop.

My class also made a football field, a door, and a Hawkeye sign. We also made some other things but I only put some of them on. Here is a picture of some of our cardboard creations.

Here are some of my class’s cardboard creations.

5 thoughts on “Cardboard

  1. Dear MaKenna,

    You gave a great description of how you made your basketball hoop. Some of us made basketball hoops too, but none of us thought of leaving one flap on the box like you did. Do you think that made your game more stable?

    Mrs. Hamman’s Class

    • Dear Mrs. Hamman’s Class,
      Thank you for your comment.I think I made my basketball hoop stable by putting more tape on it.

      From, MaKenna

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  3. Hey, Makenna, This can relate to me because I used to make cardboard houses when I was 7. Your post has a very nice amount of detail. I looked at the picture and you did a very good job building your very own cardboard basketball hoop. How long did it take to make the cardboard hoop? I have never seen anyone build a basketball hoop made from pure cardboard before and I like your creation because it is very unique.

    • Dear Dante,
      Thank you for your comment. It took me about two days to make the basketball hoop and two more days to paint the cardboard. I liked the way I made my basketball but that was my first time making anything out of cardboard. I never thought about making cardboard houses when I was little but it would have been cool to make a house out of cardboard.
      From, MaKenna

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