Nunavut Skype Call

Yesterday we Skyped with Mrs. Pemik. She was in Iqaluit, Nunavut, which is the capital and the largest city. There are 7000 people who live there.

Mrs Pemik lives in Arviat which is the second largest city. There are 2600┬ápeople that live there. She got snowed in at her daughters house. In order to get from town to town you have to fly in a plane because they don’t have roads between towns.

There are 3 different time zones in Nunavut. This is how you say Nunavut (NOON-a-voot). Nunavut means Our Land. Nunavut covers 1/3 of Canada. Yesterday the temperature was -25┬░C. 85% of the people there are Inuit. Nunavut is the most Northern Territory in Canada. Most of the people that live there live by the Hudson Bay. They travel by boats, snow mobile. There are no trees there because of the arctic climate.

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I thought that it was really fun to Skype with her. I learned some new things that I did not know. I studied Nunavut in geography so I knew some of the things that she told us.

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